The Quiet View invites you to experience peace of heart in the Garden of Kent

A Centre for Contemplative Spirituality, the Quiet View is rooted in Christianity but welcomes people of all faiths or none. In an area of outstanding natural beauty, the garden is approximately 2 acres in east Kent, surrounded by rolling countryside.
It has been designed to provide secluded quiet ‘rooms’ for stillness and reflection and people in need of spiritual refreshment are invited to book a retreat individually or as a group. There is a variety of indoor spaces too, including a large yurt that boasts a log-burning stove that provides warmth and cosiness on cold or wet days.
Book a space to follow your own programme or join in our Programme of Events.

New Beginnings - Gong Bath with Euphony

New Beginnings - Gong Bath in the Yurt Wednesday 3rd January 10am - 12pm/Saturday 6th January 3pm - 5pm/Sunday 7th January 11.30 am - 1.30am

Euphony invites you to a special New Year’s event, a “letting go”
workshop in the Yurt. Two hours of reflective experience, which will be
dedicated to deepening an understanding of what is happening in our body,
increasing awareness and gaining empowerment.

Taiji Qigong

Taiji Qigong is taught by Melanie French who writes ‘The practice of Qigong essentially combines graceful movement, meditation and regulation of the breath to enhance the flow of Qi. Qi is the vital life force energy within the body, which aids the immune system and boosts the blood circulation. Qigong is a component of Traditional Chinese - Energetic Medicine that promotes the powerful healing energies of Heaven Qi (Yang) and Earth Qi (Yin), to naturally harmonize the mind, body & spirit.’ If standing is difficult for you it is possible to practice sitting down.


Our Quiet Yoga class continues on Wednesdays mornings. They take place in the Yurt and are led by qualified teacher, Sue Hodgkins. These classes are gentle, mindful and essentially spiritual. Please book with Sue - There is a 9.30 class starting back on 4th January 2017 and some places free in the 11am class beginning n 25th January.


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