Red Tent Kent

RED TENT KENT – this is a monthly women’s group that is part of an international organisation that seeks to encourage women to find healing and peace through meditation, sound, art, prayer, music and other healing gifts. This group will begin again in March after a winter break. Please contact Karalyne Howes if you are interested. 077255 89935 Donations very welcome

Taiji Qigong

Taiji Qigong is taught by Melanie French who writes ‘The practice of Qigong essentially combines graceful movement, meditation and regulation of the breath to enhance the flow of Qi. Qi is the vital life force energy within the body, which aids the immune system and boosts the blood circulation. Qigong is a component of Traditional Chinese - Energetic Medicine that promotes the powerful healing energies of Heaven Qi (Yang) and Earth Qi (Yin), to naturally harmonize the mind, body & spirit.’ If standing is difficult for you it is possible to practice sitting down.


Our Quiet Yoga class continues on Wednesdays mornings. They take place in the Yurt and are led by qualified teacher, Sue Hodgkins. These classes are gentle, mindful and essentially spiritual. Please book with Sue - There are some places available in the 11am class - new half term starts Wednesday 4th September

Taizé Prayer

Taizé Prayers take place every first Friday at 7pm follow by refreshments. An hour of beautiful chants from the Taizé community in France with icons and candles and a long moment of silence. Usually accompanied by the harp, flute and cello. Just come along - you will be very welcome. The next Taizé Prayer is on Friday 6th September In the Quiet View Calendar:


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