The Science and Practice of Mindfulness

The practice of mindfulness is ancient and is being reclaimed in the present day as an aid to stress-reduction and to help people to live fully in the present moment. The workshop will be led in the morning by Dr Tim Hopthrow who is a psychology academic and consultant, conducting research into the social and cognitive effects of mindfulness training.

In the afternoon, Nannette Jackson, and Lizzie Hopthrow, both of whom used mindfulness in their work at Pilgrims Hospice, will lead the sessions in the practice of mindfulness. The day will include times for silence and reflection and will gently help participants to connect with body, mind and spirit.

The next workshop is on Saturday 24th November from 10am - 3.30pm and will take place in the yurt. Donations of £15 are invited - book with Lizzie. Please bring your own lunch - refreshments will be provided - and wear sensible shoes as the walk to the yurt is uneven! There is ample parking.